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Do you want to make money teaching others what you know?

We might have an opportunity for you.

At Ranko Media, we’re always looking for subject matter experts to help us write content for clients across a variety of industries.

What We Need

What are we looking for?

Most of our work involves publishing content on third party websites on behalf of our clients via guest posting outreach, so we have extremely diverse subject matter needs.

However, for any industry, here’s what we look for in a writer.


Subject matter expertise

You are the expert on your topic, and that should be evident in your writing. Ideally, you’re writing about a topic with which you have real-world experience. If you’re writing about golf, for example, you should play golf regularly.

With your expertise, you need to source and give credit for ideas and statistics that aren’t your own. You should know which sources are trusted by your potential readers because those are the sources that you trust as a subject matter expert.


Solid writing

You can craft an interesting, persuasive, well-organized article that backs up every point with data, personal anecdotes, or both. You don’t need to write perfectly (that’s what we have editors for), but your take on the subject should be surprising, unique, and provide the reader with exactly what they need to address their underlying intent.

Ultimately, you should be able to present information in a way that satisfies the reason the reader clicked on your article.


An aim to be useful

Your article should provide useful and tested information and advice for your audience. We write content mainly for the purposes of SEO. And because people use search engines to learn and find things they can take action on, it’s important that your content can be used to accomplish defined objectives.


The right voice and tone

Readers are smart. They’ll know if you’re a “writer” or a subject matter expert based on your language and tone. Additionally, readers in certain niches expect certain voices and tones to be built into what they’re reading.

If the way you communicate in your content is too different from what readers want or expect (for example, if you’re too formal or too informal), they might bounce, which doesn’t align with our objective of creating engaging content.

What do we pay?

We pay $15-40/hour depending on your level of expertise on the subject matter, required post-writing editorial work, and the niche.


Interested In Writing For Us?

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