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Doug Walker

Founder & CEO at iOutrank, Inc.

“I’ve been link building since 2005 and there are VERY FEW companies on earth that have the skill to earn my trust as a strategic link-building partner. The team at Ranko Media is one of the few. They deeply understand white-hat link building that moves the needle and are 100% trustworthy and reliable. The value they bring is far beyond the cost. When our link building team needs additional support, New Reach is the ONLY team I trust as a partner.”

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White Label Link Building FAQ

Can you help with sales, too?

Yes! We can sign you up for our email list that’s specific to white label partners where we share deep insight into our exact sales processes. You can use this to help sell our services to your clients! We can even help with sales messaging, packaging, and more to help drive successful results for our partnership.

How will you handle client relations?

Every client gets a dedicated account strategist. This is true for white-label deals as well, and is necessary due to the nature of how we operate. When we communicate with clients, our account strategist will do so via an email address you make for us at your domain. Otherwise, communication for outreach-related things will come from whatever email address is on the outreach campaign.

We work with you to keep the entire experience that your client sees within your brand, even if they require touches with our team. Everything will be on-brand.

If you prefer, you can also be the point of contact for us instead of the client.

How do you handle reporting?

We handle reporting exactly the same way we do for our clients. The reports are detailed strategy reports. We don’t do deliverable reports, but if clients ask we can send them information on links and outreach emails.

Can you accept payment from my clients for me?

Yes, but we need to use your payment systems. We won’t be able to charge the client on your behalf because then the charges would be branded.

How do you price this?

We charge a $1,000/month fee if you want us to handle client relations and communication for you. This would mean you send us new leads and we handle sales calls, follow-up messages, and closing. When we close sales for you, you invoice your client, and we send you an invoice for our part of that deal. We get started once that’s paid and operate on the billing cycle of that payment.

If you handle relationships, there are no additional fees or steps to take for a white label relationship. You just need to buy one of the link building packages found on our link building services page. For these deals, we’d onboard like your client is one of our clients and you’re their rep. You get the reports and can do with them what you want.

There’s also the option of joining our referral program if you just want to pass them along all the way and take a cut. For that, you get 10% of the revenue we get for the first year, then 1% forever after that. Your clients get 20% off their first month, so there’s incentive for them to remind us of your referral!

How does onboarding work for white label deals?

After a quick discovery call to see if we’re a fit to partner up, we’ll send you our white label partner agreement to sign.

Once that’s signed and you pay for the $1,000/month relationship management fee, we send you an onboarding form where you give us access to everything we need to get started managing this partnership!

From there, we act as the link building branch of your agency!

What kind of link building strategies do you use?

For white label clients, we still want to get high-quality links that move rankings, so we do outreach campaigns with our in-house team (unlike other white label services, who may be outsourcing) to get white hat backlinks that move Google rankings.

However, we need to be able to operate at any scale.

Because of this, here are the strategies we use to build backlinks to your client’s site, with links to blog posts about how we do each one:

  1. Guest posting
  2. Infographic promotion
  3. Content marketing

While there are other link building techniques we could use, these are the three strategies we’ve figured out how to scale that produce meaningful results for clients of digital marketing agencies in any industry.


Do you need access to our client's website?

No. The only thing we will need is an email address at your client’s domain, but this doesn’t require any sort of website-level access.

What metrics do you use to track performance?

We actually wrote a blog post about this! Check it out here. We track campaigns for our link building partners just like we do for our own link building projects.

Can we choose the anchor text?

We’re an SEO agency, so we understand why you’d want to choose your anchor text for links pointing to your client’s website. When it comes to backlinks, it’s one of the biggest ranking factors.

Unfortunately, while we understand that this is an important part of an SEO strategy, we can’t guarantee any specific anchor text placement. High-quality websites won’t allow us to make specific demands. They are, after all, allowing us to reach their audience in a way that, from their perspective, drives brand awareness for you.

So if we ask too much of them, they’ll end up rejecting the content because we’ll come off as selfish. This doesn’t look good and can hurt your client’s relationship with the webmasters.

We aren’t selling PBNs, “niche edits”, link farms, or other low-quality links. We don’t use any black hat tactics. This is the real thing with real outreach to real website owners with real, relevant websites.

Do you handle content creation?

Yes! We have an in-house team of writers who are subject matter experts in their areas. Our white label services work at such a large scale because of the massive team of writers we have. In our opinion, an SEO company is incomplete with a great content team. We’ve got that.

Do you offer white label SEO services?

Yes! Please contact us for more details. Even for our agency partners, we have the ability to run a full SEO campaign for your client. In fact, we offer full white label SEO agency services, if you’re interested.

This includes things like high authority link placements from our team of in-house link building experts, keyword research and content marketing,

Full search engine optimization is the work we love. Contact us for more!