Local SEO Management Services for Small Businesses

SEO has many moving pieces. Some of those are ones you wish to take care of on your own. That’s why we’ve packaged things individually so we can build custom plans that work for your business.

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Local focus, national scale

Our team is fully remote, meaning we can service anyone anywhere. Choose your state below to see more details about how we can serve you in your specific market.

How Google Works

Google ranks websites based on a number of different factors and algorithms, but numerous studies have shown that these 7 types of local SEO ranking factors play the biggest role in SEO success for local businesses:

  • Website factors
  • Backlinks
  • Google Business Profile factors
  • Reviews
  • User behavior factors
  • Local citations
  • Personalization

By working to influence all of these factors for your business, we aim to see growth in traffic from search engines to your website and business.

If this sounds like what you need, contact us now to set up a strategy call.

How we get your business on Google in ways that drive sales

Google Business Profile and Citation Management

With your Google Business Profile being one of the most important local ranking factors, it’s important to set it up to be found by the right people. A successfully optimized profile will impact your Google Business Profilepersonalization, and user behavior factors. For small, local businesses located anywhere in the country, we’ll set this up the right way. This way, when people are looking for you or what you have to offer, you’re easy to find. Once it’s set up, we’ll push it further by building local citations.

Website Management for SEO

If you want to show up in the local search results outside of the map listings, website optimization is a must. A website that’s built for SEO will impact any personalization based on the searcher’s intent, website factors, and user behavior factors that Google uses to rank pages. This is why it’s important to make sure you have a website that makes Google’s users happy, which is what we specialize in.

Review Outreach and Management

Reviews are a huge driver of conversions for small businesses, but they also help with SEO. Reviews can also contain phrases that help you rank for more keywords in Google. We accomplish this with carefully crafted email and text message templates that are sent to your customers. Our service includes up to 100 messages per day.

Stand out online with citation management

While Google dominates the local search landscape, 53% of consumers have used a site other than Google, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Apple Maps, to evaluate a business.

This is why maintaining up-to-date and accurate information in as many places as possible is so important – you never know how your customers can find you!

Because we believe citations are essential to Google Business Profile performance, we’ve decided to bundle them directly with Google Business Profile management.

With this, we help you improve your visibility online by making sure your business is discoverable on these platforms in ways that are presentable to your potential customers.

Local SEO Packages

Google Business



  • Google Business Profile optimization and management for 1 account.
  • Monthly reports.
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Google Business + Website



  • Google Business Profile management for 1 account.
  • Quarterly website audits.
  • LIVE Google Data Studio dashboard.
  • 5 hours of reserved developer time per quarter.
  • 1 content piece or 2 page optimizations per month.
  • Monthly reports.
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Full Stack



  • Google Business Profile management for 1 account.
  • Quarterly website audits.
  • LIVE Google Data Studio dashboard.
  • 5 hours of reserved developer time per quarter.
  • 1 content piece or 2 page optimizations per month.
  • Estimated 1 backlink/month (after 1 month ramp period).
  • Dedicated Account Strategist.
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Local link building agency services

Nobody does local link building. That's why you should.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors.

With our local link building services, we build custom outreach strategies for local businesses that are designed to get backlinks from local publications with white-hat, natural, PR-style outreach.

These local backlinks will improve Google rankings locally because Google will see these links as signs that your local community is vouching for you.

Link building is the hardest part of local SEO because there aren’t many reasons a website would typically link to a small business. As a result, many businesses push link building aside or simply buy backlinks, which is considered a black-hat SEO tactic and is against Google’s guidelines.

If you want to run a local link building campaign for your business to get natural, white-hat backlinks from real, local websites, then let’s talk!

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What kind of results can I expect?

Make no mistake, while we do manage your PR and social media, the main focus of our efforts is long-term, SEO-driven results that drive foot traffic to your business.

Ultimately, we want to use PR and social media together with SEO content writing services to get your business at the top of Google Maps and organic search results that result in more sales.

As a general rule, you probably won’t see any sort of website traffic improvement until we’re 8-10 months into our work. This is due to a combination of things, but it’s mostly a result of turnaround times of our work combined with Google’s speed of indexing new links and content, which we have no control over.

You can probably get faster results if you invest in additional link building services, but this is usually not necessary for local businesses looking for results driven by Google Maps listing performance. Paired with more SEO content, however, this can be a powerful way to scale.

Your Account Strategists can help you make decisions about where to aim your budget for best results, but as a general rule we’ve packaged this together in the way we, as marketing experts, think is best.

If we aim for faster results at the expense of quality work, your competitors can easily outdo you later. We don’t just want to win, we want to put up a barrier to entry.

Do you white label this?

Yes! We offer white labeling for any of our SEO services. For details, please take a look at our white label SEO services page.