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We do guest posting for brands of all sizes with cold email outreach. Nothing shady. Just honest blogger outreach, done for you.

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Guest Posting Outreach Pricing and Packages




  • 1 managed campaign.
  • Estimated 2-4 placements/month (after 1 month ramp period).
  • Customized campaign builds.
  • Custom outreach email copywriting and revisions based on campaign performance.
  • Mailbox spam management.
  • Weekly campaign review and optimization.
  • End-of-month reports.
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  • Up to 2 managed campaigns.
  • Estimated 3-6 placements/month (after 1 month ramp period).
  • Customized campaign builds.
  • Custom outreach email copywriting and revisions based on campaign performance.
  • Mailbox spam management.
  • Weekly campaign review and optimization.
  • End-of-month reports.
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  • Up to 4 managed campaigns.
  • Estimated 8-12 placements/month (after 1 month ramp period).
  • Customized campaign builds.
  • Custom outreach email copywriting and revisions based on campaign performance.
  • Mailbox spam management.
  • Weekly campaign review and optimization.
  • End-of-month reports.
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Guest Posting FAQ

How does SEO guest posting work exactly?

Google sees link placements as one of the strongest indicators that your web page should rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). As our outreach campaign finds website editors who want us to write a guest post, our team of subject matter experts will create top-quality content for their blog.

We insert guest post links into these posts in natural, organic ways that add value for the reader. This way, your link actually improves the article. We use variations of specific anchor text to help your page rank higher when Google users search for those keywords.

The anchor text we use is strategically decided based on keyword difficulty. We help you rank higher for keywords that are popular among Google users but have low keyword difficulty. This means potential customers are searching for your keyword or keyword phrase, but there is less competition than there would be for other, more generic keywords. This improves your ROI, increases your domain authority, and helps potential customers find you more easily in Google.

Google’s algorithm recognizes these in-content links, and it counts the website that hosts the guest post as a referring domain. Referring domains act as “votes” that tell the algorithm that your web page is being linked to by other websites—which means journalists, bloggers, and other Google users are finding value in the content on your web page.

High-quality links have more SEO “power” than links from referring domains with lower domain authority (DA). We will build you a strong backlink profile that tells Google your page should rank higher when users search for your keyword. We create world-class content that the top sites in your industry will want to post on their blog.

You said there’s nothing shady. Is guest posting a 'white hat' strategy?

Yes. Guest posting is a white hat SEO strategy recognized by Google as a legitimate way to boost a web page in the SERPs and draw website traffic. Global enterprises and small businesses alike use white hat link building to improve their ranking in Google.

However, some link building tactics are considered “black hat.” We don’t use these because they’re risky and violate Google’s terms of service. Typically, “black hat” link building is where a website editor or influencer accepts money in return for placing a link. When Google catches this (and they’re likely to catch it), the referring domain that accepted money for the link placement will no longer contribute SEO “power” to the website that bought the link. All the effort, money, and resources they spent will be for nothing. A backlink on a high authority website is useless if it’s flagged by Google.

The link building services we offer are above-board. We don’t pay for link placements. Instead, we earn them by creating top-quality content written by subject matter experts that editors are happy to post on their blogs. It’s a win-win for everyone—the outlet receives high-quality content, and you get a backlink on their website.

What’s a ‘white label’ SEO agency?

Ranko Media is a white label link building agency, which means we conduct guest posting outreach, article writing, and link placements on your behalf. Also known as an SEO reselling or private label SEO agency, a white label SEO agency does the legwork for you while building relationships between these outlets and your brand. And our work gets results.

Plus, if we eventually no longer work together, you get to keep the relationships we’ve built with websites in your industry.

Your dedicated Account Strategist will send monthly white label reports to you or your client, whichever you prefer. These reports will detail any changes we plan to make to the campaign for the next month, based on what will produce the best ROI for your brand.

We help Google’s algorithm understand your website so it will rank higher in search results when users search for relevant keywords. Google likes real websites that publish high-quality content. The contextual links we place in high-quality blog posts will drive organic traffic to your site and boost your page in the SERPs, maximizing your web presence and drawing new prospects to your business.

The internet has plenty of spam. How do I know these will be quality guest posts?

Our content creation team is made of subject matter experts with top certifications and years of real-world experience. We have high content and editorial standards, and there’s no more important factor for a strong link building strategy than top-level content. Spammy tactics like obvious keyword-stuffing, buying links, and proliferating low-quality or even plagiarized blog posts will eventually come back to bite the SEO agencies that use them.

High-quality guest post services create first-rate content instead of relying on these dubious tactics. The guest posts we write are informative, factual, niche relevant, and answer search intent. They are specially crafted for the target audience and are search engine optimized, so the guest post is more likely to be found, read, and shared online.

Some guest blogging services use writers with questionable credentials and writing quality. Our team of guest bloggers is thoroughly vetted and proven to create quality content worthy of websites with high domain authority. Links on high DA websites will build a strong backlink profile for your brand, and our white hat links comply with Google’s terms of service—so you won’t lose the gains you make in the SERPs due to Google flagging the content.

Where do you find your content writers?

Our content writers are first and foremost subject matter experts. They’re medical doctors, engineers, technicians, veterinarians, cybersecurity professionals, digital marketers, physical therapists, designers, etc. working in the real world. We’ve built a strong, established team of writers from a wide range of industries, so we can avoid the time-consuming search for a subject matter expert in your niche. When our contract begins, we’ll have industry professionals who are ready to write.

With a short turnaround time, our digital marketing and content writing experts collaborate with these accomplished professionals to create high-quality guest posts. These articles will attract organic traffic, increase brand awareness, and improve your position in search engine rankings.

How do you find websites to post your content?

We conduct manual outreach to high quality sites in your industry to find outlets that want guest posts. We use an email address at your domain to conduct outreach through social media, blogs in your industry, and other sources.

Editors at high authority sites are often eager to publish high quality guest posts and are happy to include a do-follow link for your brand. Websites link to external content for various reasons, and we add your link placement organically, so it has value for the reader and improves the quality of the article. The outlet receives a fantastic piece of content to post on their blog, and you receive a high quality backlink. That’s how we build a strong backlink profile for your web page.

Because we conduct our blogger outreach services from your domain and under your brand, you keep the relationships we build with high quality sites and blog networks in your niche. We do leverage relationships of our own to earn link placements, but the relationships we build on your behalf are yours to keep. This is a valuable added benefit for our clients.

How do you track the success of your link building campaigns?

We assess various metrics to determine which link building campaigns have a high ROI, and we use KPIs to track outreach performance success. Tools like Ahrefs and Moz offer powerful keyword explorers, and are useful for tracking the success of a campaign. The best guest posting services put the quality of the content ahead of quick (and dubious) SEO tricks like keyword-stuffing and buying backlinks—although your competitors might be doing it.

You’ll receive monthly reports from your Account Strategist with notes on any changes to the campaign that we plan to implement to improve your ROI. The reporting will be completely transparent and you’ll have complete access to the Google Data Studio dashboard and the Google Sheet we’re using for the campaign. Here’s a calculator you can use to measure ROI from SEO.

Why not just buy backlinks? My competitors are doing it.

Buying backlinks is more common than many people realize. It’s a dubious tactic that goes against Google’s terms of service, but even industry leaders sometimes resort to it for quick backlinks. Plus, fly-by-night SEO agencies are more than happy to facilitate this while advertising bargain basement rates. However, Google is good at catching these offenders—and they’re even willing to penalize themselves for buying backlinks.

There are plenty of reasons not to buy backlinks. Your competitors who are doing this are likely to be discovered and any SEO gains they’ve made through this tactic will evaporate. The referring domains that accepted money for backlinks will no longer contribute to their backlink profile, and they’ll lose any domain authority they gained from those links.

What’s more, Google won’t tell your competitors this has happened—meaning they’ll keep paying a link building agency or websites for links without realizing their money is going down the drain. If your competitors are resorting to this tactic, here’s a white hat negative SEO hack that will help them get caught.

Instead, we focus on creating high quality content that will naturally meet search intent, which is one of the most important factors Google considers when deciding how to rank your web page.