Nov 22, 2022

5 Guest Posting Email Templates for Any Use Case [With Examples!]


Nicholas Rubright

Guest posting is a fantastic way to build backlinks and get some digital PR exposure for your brand.

In fact, when it comes to getting content published on other websites, many digital PR and link building agencies leverage guest posting because they can control the content.

Many journalists receive as many as 50+ pitches per day, so it can be tough to cut through the noise.

Here are some templates to help with that. Just be sure to customize and add personalization as needed as the examples have been.

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Template #1: For when you have an article ready


For this email, you’ll see that the personalization in the first sentence is heavy and we’ve leveraged the social media promo opportunity of our client to get more responses.

guest posting template example 1

Template #2: For when you have multiple articles ready


This is an example that was completely templatized with zero personalization. I don’t recommend this, but it worked for this client’s campaign.

guest posting example template 2

Template #3: For when you have ideas


This example doesn’t have writing samples, but that’s because we haven’t had any yet and the social proof of a big client is often enough.

guest posting example 3

Template #4: For when you want to get in touch first, then pitch


An open-ended pitch with amazing writing samples gets results. In this pitch (and any others, honestly), good writing samples are key.

guest posting template example 4

Template #5: For when you’ve written for them before


This template was for an infographic, but the angle is the same. Check it out.

guest posting template example 5

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Rank #1 in Google!
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